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Now discover the guide that helps you put all the pieces of the transformation puzzle together!

Go Triumph In 30 Days Or Less!

Is Today Your Day To Start Your Triumph?

If a triumph is your true destination, how soon do you want to start the journey?

You already have Triumph At Last, the book I wrote to help you shape your thinking and shift your acting so you can claim victorious health and wellness (and if you don’t click the link below).

But a few readers I spoke with said, “Can you give me something more practical?” Now, I could have taken offense to that… as the author of my book I already felt the book was practical.  However, as the reader of many self-development books myself, I understood exactly what they were saying. I have many books on my shelf that I bought or borrowed so that I could improve myself.

  • Many of them I never started or read completely.
  • Some of them I read from cover to cover.
  • A few of them I have read and implemented into my life.

So, I get it. Triumph At Last gives you a lot, but it is a “How,” not a “How to…” type of book. What do I mean? It is not a “step-by-step” or “do this, then do that” type of book.

Don’t have Triumph At Last yet?

Back to the Rough Draft

That’s why I wrote Triumph For Real to make your path even simpler to follow.

  • It is a “How to…” book.
  • It is a practical guide.
  • It is based on the insights I presented in Triumph At Last.
  • It is a short read.
  • Most importantly, it is free!

It is everything you need on your journey to Triumph At Last.

Triumph For Real is…

Your Highway

It focuses your attention on completing 7 mental labor exercises over about 15 pages of content. You will go from one step to the next step quickly in just a few weeks.


Your Map

Each exercise is clearly explained so you know exactly what to do and each one has a sample as a demonstration. You will simply follow the directions to move from idea to action.


Your Vehicle

Knowing what to do is half the work; doing what to do is the other half. You will not have to figure out what to do, so your effort is cut in half. All you do is put the pages into practice.


Your Key

As you see, the guide is a key to unlocking better speed, clarity, and simplicity on your path to triumph. It is also a key to ignite your own power, courage, faith, and enthusiasm!


The Final Piece

You only need to decide to triumph, get the guide, and choose your destination. Don’t worry if you are unsure of your destination… that’s the first exercise. Let’s go!